Schroeders wunderbare welt

Schroeder's wonderful world

reżyseria: Michael Schorr

rola: Krukovsky

premiera: 17.11.2006r.


Rola Nazwisko aktora
Frank Schröder Peter Schneider
Theo Schröder Karl-Fred Müller
Jerzy Krukovsky Stanislav Jaskólka
Janaceck Igor Bares
Wigbert Wolf Gerhard Olschewski
Maria Michaela Behal
Musiker Bernd Begemann
Helmut Schröder Clemens Deindl
Henriette Eva-Maria Hagen
John Gregory Jürgen Prochnow

A gigantic investment project draws Frank Schröder, assistant to a big investor, back to his birthplace, a little village in the region where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet. Torn between conflicting demands, pettiness and rivalries, his plan for cross-border cooperation threatens to go off the rails. But Schröder doesn't give up and things start moving. Till his boss decides to go on a wolfhunt.


Informacje prasowe


Frank Schröder only wants to do the right thing! His birthplace Tauchritz needs a man like him - he reckons. An enormous artificial tropical paradise is to be built on the nomansland of the German-Polish-Czech border. In Tauchritz, for Tauchritz, but not only for Tauchritz. The "Magic Lagoon" will get the run-down region up on its feet again - of that Schröder is sure. He dreams of cross-border co-operation. He dreams that globalisation, in the shape of his project, will be able to

bring sometime enemies together as friends. He sells this vision to his boss (of Russian descent), the American investor, John Gregory. "Freedom and Prosperity" are the magic words. However, to his astonishment, Schröder is obliged to recognise that open borders don’t necessarily lead to open minds.

The potential partners in the scheme are preoccupied with their personal fantasies: Schröder’s father, Theo, Mayor of the locality, curses the Silesian side of his family, in the half-finished "hammam" in the cellar; his Czech colleague, Janaçeck, scents competition for his own remote golf course; and the Polish engineer, Krukovsky, struggles with modern technology and finds every suggestion "tricky".

On top of that Schröder has to deal with Uncle Wigbert, who feels his remaining patch of Silesian soil threatened by foreign powers. The substantial local cuisine and the ubiquitous herb schnappes threaten further trouble. However Frank Schröder believes in his mission, and at last it seems as if his enthusiasm will bear fruit. Till his boss hears the call of the wild…

¬ródło: http://www.schroederswonderfulworld.com/


Otwarcie Festiwalu Filmowego w Mannheim

November 17, 2006 World premiere at the 55th IFF Mannheim-Heidelberg, - Opening film & international competition

Karta wstępu

January, 19, 2007 Schröder is going to run at the 28th Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis Saarbrücken, January 15 - 21, 2007

February 15, 2007 New German cinema films at Babylon Berlin-Mitte 9.15 pm, preview and teampremiere

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